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ImageEn Addons Bundle 3.3

Now Compatible with ImageEn 10 and Delphi Sydney

Download Demos (Exe) 1

Download Source 1

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Download Source 2

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Buy Now Single License - 59 EUR

Buy Now Multi (up to 5 users) License - 179 EUR

With your purchase you get Full Source Code and Support by Email. Also any other updates till next major versions are free

Need to upgrade your single license from previous versions? purchase an upgrade for 20 Eur. Need to upgrade your multi license from previous versions? purchase an upgrade for 70 Eur. For more information please contact us

Image Processing Add-on

This includes components to process images. They interact with ImageEn to offer a preview of the image processing

TIEProc_EX is a descendant of TImageenProc that enhances it in various ways:

ImageEn Paint Engine

This includes the Paint Engine Manager. It allows to paint on any TImageenview with many different options:

RGB Curves

The RGB Curves component allows to modify the tones of an image using tonal curves

Thumbs Browser

The Thumbs Browser component allows to browse images on your pc