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Below you will find some free software:

Editable Dot Net GridView to transform your basic .Net GridView into a powerful tool to edit *any* Table in your Database

Download it Now and read the small README inside to know how to use, although it should be straightforward.

All you need is Visual Studio and an empty web form where you may want to test it

Diabetis suggests the ingredients for a right diet and calculates the amount of insulin you need.

Download Diabetis Now or download the portable version

Runs on Windows 32 and 64 bits My tests were on Windows 10, but you should not have problems with other versions of windows.

The software, available in 3 languages (EN, IT, DE), allows to create your menu, calculates the intake of carbohydrates or sugars that you will get from your food, will account your current level of blood sugar and the grade of your Diabetes, and will give as output the solution, in terms of insulin-intake.

Following the recommendations of the software, you will be able to keep your blood-sugar always constant during the day, and it will help you choose the most appropriate food, without the help of a dietist.

Please consider that I am no Phisician, and I do not claim that I can help your health.

You can help your health if you carefully and responsibily use this software. As my experience with my father which is diabetic has confirmed. He has been greatly enjoying the software and its recommendations.

All the data in the food database are taken from the internet web site: http://www.valori-alimenti.com/ and are based on my interpretation of those data.

Focus Photoeditor is a professional tool you can use to edit your image files in a professional manner.

Download Focus Photoeditor Now

Runs on Windows 32 and 64 bits

To register the software use:

User Name: Donation Free

Reg. Code: H5636L44EJ6I56555S55666

Email: your email or any email you want

Order Id: 0

After the registration you will have to close the program and restart it

The interface of the program is clean but you will have to learn how to use its many functions. An important feature is that you learn to use the side panel, when you wan to change the way you edit (Color, Texture, Gradient, Retouch)

You have at your disposal things like Layers, Selections and a vast amount of tool

The strongest point is the ability to adjust the images both manually and automatically

You can also load scripts

Vast ability for output, from saving into many formats to printing with a full control of the printing output

You can also transform the image (e.g. rotate, perspective, skew, add borders, whirpool, flip, seamless).

And you can eliminate any photo blemishes

The program uses a moderate amount of system resources, is responsive and contains a comprehensive help file.

Focus Photoeditor is been recommended by many such as: Softonic, SofPedia, Bitsdujour and many others.

Smart Photo Import is a useful tool to import your pictures from your camera or from any other device to you PC, and to organize them using meaningful criteria..

Download Smart Photo Import Now

Runs on Windows 32 and 64 bits

To register the software use:

User Name: Donation Free

Reg. Code: H36C744MEG6G4SYH6C7K6L6

The little tool is really powerful. Not only you can transfer files from another device, but also from one folder of your pc to another. The program will automatically give meaningful names according to your chosen templates and will create also the tree of folders necessary to catalogize them. You can also annotate multiple files using Exif, IPTC data.

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